ES 10-18-22

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avg bear
.... 2 more days and we hit the avg bear market in terms of length, but not quite to the avg % decline yet. Of course this doesnt reflect whether we enter a recession or not, just the avg of all bears.
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op ex statss
All of thiis data and a ton more i have posted the last few weeks , doesnt assure the bear market has ended but simply indicates it could be time for a substantial rebound imho
exiting my long at 3640 cause i got stuff to do soon... interesting tid bit here..." Through trading day #195 of the year, the S&P 500 is down more than 20%. There have been five other years with this large of a decline through this much of the year. Three of those didn't see a lower close, another a short and modest decline. All showed gains over the next year. " Coutesy Quantifiable Edges
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This resistance area above 3770 might be a good short scalp but i`ll wait for the avg daily range before i sell again (3813 or higher) A good decline and i`ll be a buyer
ill try a long scalp at 3757
I `m out. minus 7 points there .
Where or where to get long 3745 3728, or wait for 3715?
Guess i`ll try 3728
i really wish i had a runner! Gotta go...C Ya!