ES 12-28-22

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year in review
stopped for a loss... Heres what today means to me. It was a cycle low day of course, but declining into the mid 3820`s so far, in the face of very strong seasonals is very negative ... the intermediate term pullback will likely last into the first week of Jan. That being said we are certainly due a bounce , possibly tomorrow . 3825 as previously mentioned is support. Underneath that 3817 and 3803 are support. Then 3798 and 3788.
Be advised that 3812 matches yesterdays range and 3801 would match the 5 day avg.
Ticks avg is very negative here....-400
i`ll be selling 3821
I am short. I think theres a chance this 3825 area is good resistance, but we have come down a long ways so more up is possible. We will have to see. Ticks rebounded to above zero which i dont like . currently plus 200
I stopped out at 3823... down 10 on the day and ready to re short soon
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I will likely sell 3837 if it can get past 3832
Waiting for 3837, as ticks are above plus 600 heading for 800 where they frequently turn
OK, i sold 3839 but ticks have not yet turned so 3844 or better is still possible.
I exited at 3827 for 12 points on each(had 2 contracts) but i was down 10 so im up 14 on the day .