ES 1-4-22

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And here we are. I cant believe i wasnt long for this whole uprush... here i would be taking profits even tho ticks are still plus580 (very strong)
im selling 3878
oops again... thats 3888
well we didnt quite crack the 3888 whip ,so im short from 3889.75
This might be one of my rikier trades as ticks are still very high near plus 600. I just think the rally is getting long in the tooth. The better short is probably the next fib at 3899.75
I`ll take 10 points on this short if ican.
exited both at 3879.75. plus 10 on each. I must be living right.
If they keep pushing , i`d be a buyer at 3865-67
Ticks are still too high for me to sell here
Ticks are diving below zero ,so more pain coming
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30 min