ES 1-5-22

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the big picture
From sentimentrader: Last signal was the covid low.. ".A TCTM Composite Washout Model member triggers a new alert
A ratio between S&P 500 advancing and declining volume declined to a historically low level, triggering a bullish buy signal for a member of the Composite Washout Model. After other alerts, the S&P 500 rallied 72% of the time over the next two months."
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pre open
buying 3827.50. We are solidly neg. but weve travelled a long way and were due for a bounce soon
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short term
I`ll probably exit at 3840... if given the chance
And there it is Exited 3840 for plus 12.50 on each. Up 25 on the day. watching for a good short now
Sorry, i got tied up for a bit. Obviously that spike just after my exit say 3850 or above was the perfect short. We should have a bit more to go bottoming at least temporarily in the next 15 min or so. 3813-17 might be a scalp buy.
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5min update
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ticks look
Where's all the votes? This is a lot of work!
current ticks just went below zero (negative) after zooming up to plus 670 on that 3850 high
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current ticks