ES 1-5-22

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the big picture
well, we got the first fib at 3822, but ticks are just hanging around zero. I honestly cant tell if thats the bottom or more to go, so im still waiting.
I will attempt a sell at 3844 however.
Ticks have climbed up to plus 300 so we are going a bit higher. The reason i call out the tick numbers is to show the direction and strength or weakness of the move. Be advised that the avg tends to turn at plus (or minus) 200, 400 600 or 800. so you can anticipate coming moves
Hard to figure but I'm changing my sell to 3846.
Well maybe 3840 is all we get...order cancelled
wow, whqt a pop! order to sell 3846 is back on
Short a couple from 3846.
Im nervous about how far it will fall , so im going to exit 3837 if i can
Exit order now at 3840
sheese, im just not patient enough. Anyway, exited both at 3840 plu6 on each. up 37 on the day
current ticks just went below zero (negative) after zooming up to plus 670 on that 3850 high
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current ticks