ES 1-6-22

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globex action
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pre open
I will try a scalp buy at 3852,expection the fib to stop it
longa couple at 3852. Ticks are very strong as you might imagine at plus 670
stopped out at 3842.. minus 10 . Going to try once more . Not sure where yet
buying 3861.50
Ticks remain very strong here .black avg is above 600!
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i will exit both contracts from 3861.50 at 3881.50
wow, nice 40 but lost 20 first. Up 20 on the day. The ticks have gotten even stronger above plus 800 so there couldbe a lot to go but im skittish because of that first trade loss i guess. the next good fib is around 3890
Looks like next target might be 3903. With ticks this high more up is coming
exited at 3896 for plus 8 on each . Up 36 on the day in a very good week.. c ya!