ES 1-6-22

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current ticks
Even with the turn south, we remain extremely positive for now ... got over plus 800!
I will likely buy a pullback to 3873.50- 3875 if it happens
It still might be a good buy but im cancelling my buy order because its possible the party is over for now... ticks are slamming down and just crossed below plus 400 heading for 200?. , so im being cautious.
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mid day update
Ok we got 3890 , next is 3903 at least . Ticks are bouncing up from plus 400 so its still a strong positive. IM buying 3888
looks like i missed it...order cancelled
Too bad i missed by 1.5 points .. I would on a normal day be selling 3903-8 but wth ticks now at plus 760 it could be suicide. After all ,its Friday. The big question is can they close it above here to end the 13 day mish mash? I think they`ll try!
Time for one last trade.. buying 3888.
Ticks have come all the way back to just below zero and have just pushed back above so im dipping in to the well one last time
Now long a couple from 3888. It`ll be a quick exit cause i dont want to mess up a good Friday and an excellant week.
exited at 3896 for plus 8 on each . Up 36 on the day in a very good week.. c ya!