ES 1-10-22

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30 min
I wonder if today will be like yesterday and have good up and down moves but ended up going nowhere (mish mash) . After all they should be waiting for Thurs morning before establishing the next trend. Anyway, 3885.50 comes next then the 3870`s
Going to 3903?
i`ll be selling 3913
Ugly way to start the day. Stopped on a short attempt..
buying here around 3817-18
Long from 3917. Not the best entry ,buy it is what it is.I`ll just do the standard trade here and take one off at a 10 point profit and hold a runner if i can get it
out one and moved my stop to breakeven(3817)
i will exit my runner at 3821or better
Up 24 on the day
Glad im out of this mess!
Late in the day for me guys.. Rough start to the week.. Up 12.50 today and 6 yesterday. Hope to do better tomorrow.