ES 1-10-22

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30 min
missed my 3906 entry by 2 ticks! Sheesh!
buying 3812
long 2 at 3912
jumping out here
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ticks now
my exit at 3825 gave me 13 points on each so im back to positive on the day . Up 10
I have to leave for 1 hour. This should be a good pop, ticks came down but only to plus 400 so thats still pretty good. They might be going for 3834 but positive for now at least
Back... i see we just hit 3935 not long ago.. Good call that we would see 3934. The problem i have is that ticks are at plus 670 so im passing on any short. It would be better to buy a dip
i `ll be a buyer at 3928
Here we go!
Late in the day for me guys.. Rough start to the week.. Up 12.50 today and 6 yesterday. Hope to do better tomorrow.