ES 1-23-23

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pre open
Trying a sell at 4013
The highest probability trade of course is to be long today or wait for 4020-22 for a small short. Hopefully i can grab a couple of points here tho
trying for a 4005 exit to nab 8 points on each
Ugh! Im toast....knew i shoulda bailed earlier. this market wants a lot higher
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morning update
Well ticks are finally diving from hanging over plus 640 for a while . Ill try a buy at 4034
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Remember, the blue line is the spx cash and the black avg is what i watch
Long a couple from 4034,i will exit one at 4044 and hold a runner for 4050
Bringing my stop up to break even...4034
So far so good... im expecting 4052-54 , Thats why my exit is in front at 4050
I have sent an email to your address.