ES 1-23-23

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pre open
out the runner at 4050. plus 26 on the trade.. im tempted to sell up here as we have already fullfilled the daily range and then some.
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afternoon update

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ticks now
What would be your target for selling. 44?
Ace, sorry im so late responding... 4044 is where i took profits on my long, and then again at 4050. However to sell i would have sold at the next resistance which i posted was the 4052-54 area.daily high is 4056 and change.
ACE: review the 1:16pm post
If you are inclined to be a buyer on this pullback, i might try 4016-18
Got it. I shorted from the supply area around 50 and took 5 pts at 45 where large buy volume was. Is this a pullback for next leg up or sellers are too strong and push the prices further today before close?
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current ticks
, i would guess we turn back up pretty soon. ticks avg as u can see is below zero, so dont go nuts but they do frequently turn around 400 (plus or minus) also at zreo 600 and 800. There is a fig at 4016.25.
heres the chart ,hope it helps. But if you do go long at 4016-18 be advised that a rebound , probably not new highs would be my forecast
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short term now
I have sent an email to your address.