ES 1-25-23

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I have an early price projection of 3998.25 for globex traders
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globex action
buying 3999 even
Long a couple from 3999. Taking one off at 4005 for 6points , i hope . If so, i`ll` hold the runner for 4011, but i definitely want out before the open.
I bailed out of my longs for a small loss. I actually still think the trade has a good chance but its getting close to the open. Exited 2 at 3996.75 for aloss of 4.50 total.
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the open
i`ll try a buy scalp at 3977. Tight stop (7 points)
LOOKS LIKE IM WRONG.They are going straight for 3961, so if stopped, i will try again there
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~#[email protected]$*^*)*(&! I cant believe i got stopped out by 2 ticks! Should have used my usual 10 stop to start a trade...
If they take it down to 4018 i will buy and hold for globex tonite