ES 1-25-23

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We have already travelled the avg daily range so,im guessing the current low is within 10 points of being the daily low.. No guarantee's tho.
Order to buy 3961 is in
Ticks are back to zero... if they stay above a bit the low might be in ,at least for a while.. im hoping for one more downdraft to -400 or so which would probably get me in but we`ll see
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ticks now
see the ticks trending up when prices (the blue line was still declining? Positive divergence? hope fully turning here at zero
That pisses me off, missing that trade by 9 ticks. Ticks are now plus 300
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current ticks
selling 3991
im toast... Discouraging day for me. I feel the analysis was good but my trading wasnt... watching
Thats a toppy looking candle on the 5 min chart
went short at 4001
i will exit both at 3992
Just exited my short at 3995. Ticks around plus 400 are heading up again and just dont want to come down
If they take it down to 4018 i will buy and hold for globex tonite