ES 1-27-23

Today, is pce inflation data which the Fed watchws closely
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Still alive ,thx to my 10 point stop to start. Dont know for how long tho! ticks dove all the way to minus 350 and are trying to get back to zero
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mid day look
Heres why!
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ticks now
unloaded one st 4082 holding the runner for more
wow, a 20 bagger! And one more to go. nice way to end the week. Ill exit my runner at 4090 if i can
Ticks are remaining strong here with the black avg about plus 520
changing my exit on the runner to 4089
Unbelieveable! missed me by a tick! just for that i`ll change my exit to 4092
wow, that was quick! i thought later in the day as it grinds to 4104? 4112? Any way exit at 4092 plus 20 there and 30 for the total trade . im satisfied with that
What a week! A very good one... c ya on the weekend update