ES 1-30-23

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globex action
I suppose you could sell 4048 here ,but the risk-reward isnt very good as im only looking for 4036-38 and i always use a 10 point stop to start. I will however try a buy scalp at 4036 75 if it gets there
changed my order to 4036.00
Well, i could be very wrong here, but im selling 4063. for now i still plan to buy 4036
Here we go! short a couple from 4063. Taking one off at 4054 and holding the runner for closer to 4036... maybe i`ll` bail on it at 4038
Took one off at 4054, plus 9 points. Holding a runner and bringing my stop to breakeven ( 4063 ).
ticks look to be ready to cross below zero again. (if they dont turn here)
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ticks are co operating so far. They broke zero and are - 120 and heading south. But i fear im getting too greedy so i will exit my runner at 4047
Sweet... out and watching..... up 25 on the day
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midday update
not enough time for higher