ES 1-30-23

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globex action
buying one contract right here
im long one (probably early) at 4055, trying for a quick 10 points ( 4065)
Stopped at 4045.... Loss of 10...up15 now
i was away from the computer and actually survived by 2 ticks ,but they got me now...
Still looking to buy 4033-36
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ticks now
Not sure if it halts at 4036.50 or goes to 4033 so i decided to put my buy in at 4034.75
Ticks avg is around the area where its been turning noth all day... we`ll see.
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ticks again
Im going to have to cancel my but cause i dont like to trade to late... still think its a legit trade tho
Congrats if you took that trade.... You should see 4041 soon
not enough time for higher