ES 1-31-23

Last tradingday before the Fed announcement and news conference!.....
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daily update
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30 min
Note they broke the 15 point pattern. Now wanting the 38 point pattern ?
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globex action
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Forgot to mention... 4062 would also be the avg daily range given the low ( 4007.50) so far
bought the open here . Long from 4038
Well, i expect 4053 as a good target so i will exit at 4050
Missed my exit by 2 ticks... so far
Out ... nice start today..Next resistance is 4053 , then 4062
Im not selling this 4055 area cause ticks are just too strong. Back up to plus 600 again. I may sell either 4062 or 4068 tho
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Ticks are going nuts today high! I will attempt a short scalp later at 4068, but remember, the shortterm decline of a hundred points may have ended. I just dont know. Tomorrows news conference will determine that
More down coming ...ticks avg has crossed below zero .. firat target= 4060.50