ES 1-31-23

Last tradingday before the Fed announcement and news conference!.....
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daily update
Ok, thats the average daily range ! 6 or 7 more points should do it( i hope! )
looks like they may want lower first.
If they take it that far, i`ll sell 4068.
buying 4053
Long a couple now
i`ll take one off at 4060 and hold the other for 4065
out at 4060 on 7, Holding the runner for 4065
I should mention, as usual, i have moved my stop up to breakeven ( 4053 ) .
They let me out on the third hit on 4065... plus 12 there.Up43 now..Still want to try ashort scalp but at 4069 instead of 4068.
One more push ,i hope , after this pullback
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current ticks
More down coming ...ticks avg has crossed below zero .. firat target= 4060.50