ES 3-27-23

The market has been in sideways mish mash mode recently, and really since atleast Nov22. This is a reflection of indecision as the market waits for the `holy grail` of a fed pivot. Alot of big money keeps ho;lding it up so far/ Some very smart managers on thr oyher hand are very short and getting squeezed. Theyre getting scared and keep saying the crash is right around the corner! On the big picture for the year, i believe this large mish mash continues much of this year.
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I think i`d be a buyer at 4020...though it could go to 4016
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long a couple from 4020
I will exit 4033 if i can
Out my long scalp at 13 on each...up 26 on the day ...watching to see if they go go for 4055
Ticks have come off a lot, but remain positive at plus 200... this is probably another good buy here around 4024, but i will pass for now
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current ticks
If they take it down to 4015, i will try another buy scalp...
Wow, that overshoot means they probably want 4001.. Long from 4015
out at 4012, loss of 3 on each.. waiting for 4000
going to try a buy scalp at 4106.50