ES 4-12-23

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globex action
I`ll be a buyer at 4139.75 if they let me.
Long a couple from 4139.75, looking for a 4148.25 exit as i hope for 4149.
My stop has been raised to breakeven....4139.75
Stopped out at breakeven. Thats ok because the data release is coming soon!
Its too bad i wasnt long for that pop! But if they come down to 4154 ,i `ll be a buyer.
Im going to modify my buy order slightly to 4152.75
My cycles say the next 15 min bar should contain the low (9:45-10:00)
Starting off with a relatively tight 7 point stop instead of the usual 10.
stopped.. Sigh!.. that sure didnt take long...watching, i may buy again in a few min
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hourly look