ES 4-12-23

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Ticks black avg has crossed the zero line and are going to plus 200.. So hopefully this rally is for real
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ticks now
Missed by a tick now i have to try lower at 4147.50
got crused for a loss of 7 on each..ugh. Down about 30 today.. long again if they go to 4126.50
order cancelled...i think they go for 4115-17
i will be Long a couple at 4115.00 and i`ll be short a couple at 4138
Long from 4115, i will exit one at 4122 and hold a runner... at least thats the plan
Raused my stop to 4111
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trade update
Just plain running out of time.. i will exit the runner at 4121
Rough day today.. maybe im lucky to be down less than 20 on the day as i was mostly buying.... down 2 of 3 days this week , Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
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hourly look