ES 4-13-23

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globex tonight
Im going to be very conservative here and raise my short entry to 4151
Short a couple from 4151. The high so far is 4151.5 and the average 5 day range is 4151.5 ... fwiw
Using a 7 point stop to start and i will try to exit at 4142.50
Ticks are still very strong here. I had originally had this timeframe for a top today, but im not sure if that happens . i will probaly take an early exit at 4146.50 and be happy with it. These countertrend trades can be dangerous. have to leave in 45 min anyway.
just exited at breakeven... have to leave in a bit.. it certainly looks like they want 4156.25, and possibly 6-10 points higher
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current ticks
Very bullish day here but nothing lasts forever...selling 4171.50
Short a couple from 4171.50, Looking for a quick exit .
just trying for 6 points here.
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afternoon update
Stopped for a 7 point loss on each.. up on the day still tho