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Definition of 'Royal Bank of Canada RBC CASH Index'

At the end of the first, full week of each month the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) release their CASH Index figure. Values released are for the same month as the release month.

CASH stands for Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household. This is a United States survey of consumer attitudes on:
  • Current and future state of local economies
  • Personal financial situations
  • Savings
  • Confidence to make large investments
In addition to the Overall RBC CASH Index, RBC and Ipsos publish four indices calculated and comprised from specific questions within the CASH Index Survey:
  • Current Consumer Index
  • Consumer Expectations Index
  • Jobs & Employment Index
  • Purchasing & Investing Index
The interviews are conducted the first, full week of every month, as part of the Ipsos weekly telephone omnibus polling service. The RBC CASH study includes 1,000 respondents per wave, with a quarterly sample of 3,000 respondents. It is a real time barometer of consumer attitudes, publishing results within 36 hours of coming out of the field.

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