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ES 11-07-08

I know Koolblue normally starts this but as he is away for a while I thought we could maybe start ?
+50% = 937.5, -50% = 894.25
thanks , PREST!
Man, my tech. indicators are soldly neutral now ... anything can happen
Even 15 and 30 min!
keeps touching lower end...

If this is some kind of triangle, it seems like it should end pretty soon
running out of room huh
end pt of triangle is stretching till 2.00 PM
on the 5 min chart i have upper boundry 925ish and lower around 918
SIGH...wake me up when we get there ,Mommee!
Thanks Redsix and Kool..

Kool, I am at that section and I see advancing, declining, unchanged total etc etc.. How do i interpret that ?