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ES 11-07-08

I know Koolblue normally starts this but as he is away for a while I thought we could maybe start ?
loading cnbc...first time I've had it on in two weeks
whew! i freaked and covered at breakeven (just what they wanted?)
buying 918.75
should find some direction after he starts talking.
crude LOD
what the hecks going on // its not even that late in the day yet!
all i know is i got a 5 min bar thats saying 911.50 unless 924.50 is touched again
SEE how smart the boyz are? i knew exactly what their plans were and they still shook me out! BUT... theve been at this game a long time! Any body get long?
long 2@ 926.25.. saw that coming !
sneak attack LOL
Thanks Redsix and Kool..

Kool, I am at that section and I see advancing, declining, unchanged total etc etc.. How do i interpret that ?