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ES 11-07-08

I know Koolblue normally starts this but as he is away for a while I thought we could maybe start ?
volume om NQ & NYSE both to the upside ase are issuea.
first puaseshould be proj at 916.25
YES ,,out at 916.50 plus 4 on 2 there.. still in the tank 5.5 handles tho
SEE? now proj to 925-26 unless they touch 916.25 again
and what happen if we hit 916.2 again??
if you believe in the 15 min proj of 941.50 youll want to be buying this!
if hit again palmer, that would negate the 926.00 proj and lay open the possibility for much lower proj.
buying here
now log 2@ 921.50 looking for 926, will exit the 925 area
Originally posted by koolblue

buying here

Why ? I am unable to see a cycle end ?
Thanks Redsix and Kool..

Kool, I am at that section and I see advancing, declining, unchanged total etc etc.. How do i interpret that ?