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ES 11-10-08

Well, coming into the pit open flat. So far the action is as expected . Ihave a 15 min proj. down to 936.25 which would close the gap from last nights globex open ... watching
How long is Trichet going to speak?
trying to sell this if it would go a little higher!
fwiw, singles from prior pits sessions 940.75-951.0 and 931.25-937.5
sold one at 943.50,got tired of waiting ...looking for the proj and gap fill
covered at 941.25 plus 2.25 and just sold one at 943.00
right to the 1 min avg at 945.00
covered here 940.75
plus 2.25 there up 5.5 on the day
Originally posted by koolblue

covered here 940.75

Tremendous this system!

proj. now up to 953-954 area
proud of you Margie , youve really made good progress!