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ES 11-10-08

Well, coming into the pit open flat. So far the action is as expected . Ihave a 15 min proj. down to 936.25 which would close the gap from last nights globex open ... watching
hoping it comes back to 912.50..ill try there
the whatever % rule was fulfilled for today. there is still an unfulfilled whatever % from last Friday to 900.25, fwiw
5 min boll avg is 919.25
selling for a scalp at 918.50
Proj 927 if a new low is not made.
just filled...tight stop at 920.25
proj. 913.75 covering 914.75
covered and watching....
i see that margie off the 1m...5m @ 932...610 @ 932
ABC off the bottom 1st target 922.50 2nd 925.50
proud of you Margie , youve really made good progress!