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ES 11-10-08

Well, coming into the pit open flat. So far the action is as expected . Ihave a 15 min proj. down to 936.25 which would close the gap from last nights globex open ... watching
long one from 932.00. looking for 936(at least)
crude has gone negative from +$4 a bbl. -50% IB is 932.75. -100% is 926.25
you called it ,Prest, stopped and watching(downside proj now 923 area)
ill buy 923.50 if it gets there soon
im covering at 934.50 cause i think its not done yet!
I see proj down at 914.50.
im thinking 919 right now
any way i bailed at 934.25 just to be safe cause i was in for 2 that time
Kool I think I see 908? Is that wacky, what do you think?
order to buy [email protected]
proud of you Margie , youve really made good progress!