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ES 11-10-08

Well, coming into the pit open flat. So far the action is as expected . Ihave a 15 min proj. down to 936.25 which would close the gap from last nights globex open ... watching
there are singles 905-909 and 897-900 below that
ty prestwick
im getting much lower proj now to 904-6 area or even lower!
5m @ 902.75
heck with it ,ill chase (one only) selling 914.50
too late ..waiting for 904.75
Kool 2:45-2:51, would that be correct to read that projection until the 2:45 is breached?
selling 911.25
well, pulled the trigger at 911.75, using a 2.5 stop to much for my running it up into the close theory!
see, that 1 min bar just said 904.50
proud of you Margie , youve really made good progress!