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ES 11-10-08

Well, coming into the pit open flat. So far the action is as expected . Ihave a 15 min proj. down to 936.25 which would close the gap from last nights globex open ... watching
next lower singles 905-909. 916 is a sq 9
nothings wacky in this market!...checking now
have a couple 5m's from 12.50 to 15 and a 15m to 911
whatever % rule in effect to 911.75
actually i could make a case for 900 even! perhaps the 45 day cycle is influencing it already! remember back at the last one in sept. i stated how the 5 days prior to its bottom seemed to always be the most 'vicious' today is the 5th day from the expected bottom!
still going to try a quick 2-3 handle scalp at 919
crude extending slide
covered at 921.00... watching
daily S1 @ 912.25
Is that a giant bowl forming on the 15 min?
proud of you Margie , youve really made good progress!