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ES 11-24-08

GM...todays numbers
15m: 839.25, 848 / 780.75
5m: 827, 841, 847.25
Daily PP: 777.75
Weekly PP: 804.25
trying for a long 2 at 840.00
actually 836.50 looks like a better play, adjusting order
eat the loser at 41.75..bad time for shorts...this is why I'm not a break out/down player
mini peak 2:48 low 2:51-2?
long [email protected] 836.50,covering one at 838.00
im hoping they begin to run it up to the close, a real possibility
finally on the 4th touch! filled at 838.00, plus 1.5 now up 2.25 and holding the bal to at least 846-7 area, if not stopped at 833.00
wow, those'ugly cycles have been deadly accurate again today!
it may not happen on the first try but i expect that 835.75 will not be the high of the day.
well, gotta go, see you tomorrow. GOOD TRADING ALL!