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ES 11-24-08

GM...todays numbers
15m: 839.25, 848 / 780.75
5m: 827, 841, 847.25
Daily PP: 777.75
Weekly PP: 804.25
How true, Bruce!
Here it goes guys. This is my first post here and I wish its of good luck to you guys. Cheers
welcome fast
'ugly cycle mini peak at 12:21
Thanks VO. I have been following you silently for quite a while now. You, Bruce and Kool. You guys are great and I love your spirit.
Welcome and get ready for the ride of your life fast 11_12
Welcome FAST! selling at 12:21.. time for revenge!
1st target 30, 2nd 27.50
moving stop to 33...S @ 34
It seems that I have come with luck... LOL... ITs going down. :-D
well, gotta go, see you tomorrow. GOOD TRADING ALL!