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ES 11-24-08

GM...todays numbers
15m: 839.25, 848 / 780.75
5m: 827, 841, 847.25
Daily PP: 777.75
Weekly PP: 804.25
shorted 20.25 on the ( almost plus 8 failure) want 16 first
ill buy the 814 area if it gets there in the next 3 min.
bruce what area would be your add to?
adding at 24.25 if it hits
just hit plus 8 - 10 range
first target now is 18.75 then 815..tricky this may keep running up..gotta excelerate below 21.25..that would be the 1-2-3 entry
24.75..typo at the 24.25.....24.75 was plus 10 number
Originally posted by VOwater

bruce what area would be your add to?

not likeing this as we cannot get back to the current days high volume spike
this stair step needs to fail..otherwise they could try for those 32's
s @ 27.50
well, gotta go, see you tomorrow. GOOD TRADING ALL!