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ES 11-26-08

GM traders here are some sarting numbers

Daily: 1092 / 736.25
15m: 900.75, 884 / 825, 814.25, 811.50
5m: 857 / 827.25, 826.75, 822.50

Daily PP: 853.50
S1: 833
Chicago PMI at quarter to the hour. Michigan sentiment and new home sales at top of hour. EIA oil and gas later.
thanks prestwick
well prestwick it looks like they want a gap fill
in spite of all numbers being below expectations
Is it wise or not wise to trade during a holiday week such as this week?
you know tek, if I have a trade setup I take it, I always have. I know some people choose not to trade during holiday weeks, but I have always had good success
btw welcome
Thanks, VOwater!
get out of their way or get run over
appears all gaps filled ...what next?
have one for me, friend! c ya!