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ES 11-26-08

GM traders here are some sarting numbers

Daily: 1092 / 736.25
15m: 900.75, 884 / 825, 814.25, 811.50
5m: 857 / 827.25, 826.75, 822.50

Daily PP: 853.50
S1: 833
Kool, Is there a reason you usually do not trade the last 30-60 minutes of the day?
you can really tell how thin it is the way price jumps
im tellin ya , theyll run this puppy , cause all the big boys are away and it happens every day before Thanks giving
buying 2@ 882.00
s @ 84.25
at this point ill take 1.5
short from 883.25
they left gap @ 82.50
Margie , the only reson is because the big boyz(large locals and funds)do their position squaring there and so volitility increases dramatically, much like the first half hour of trading. Just gets on my nerves is all!
have one for me, friend! c ya!