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ES 11-26-08

GM traders here are some sarting numbers

Daily: 1092 / 736.25
15m: 900.75, 884 / 825, 814.25, 811.50
5m: 857 / 827.25, 826.75, 822.50

Daily PP: 853.50
S1: 833
looking for 89.50
You watch ...theyll run it up to at least 91 today!(i hope)
moving stop to be...see the abc margie?
5 min 'ugly cycle' says the next 5 min bar(3:35) will contain a low
Yes Vo, I do. I'm not in it but thanks for keeping me up on it. I have been experimenting trading the cycles and it has been working but today has been not good for the cycles. Do you think that on a trending day the cycles work a little differently Kool?
covering one to reduce risk
stop goes to 83.75
out one at 86.25, plus 4.25,
up 10.75 and going for the homerun on the other ... holding for 89-90
have one for me, friend! c ya!