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ES 11-26-08

GM traders here are some sarting numbers

Daily: 1092 / 736.25
15m: 900.75, 884 / 825, 814.25, 811.50
5m: 857 / 827.25, 826.75, 822.50

Daily PP: 853.50
S1: 833
Morning all, im late(as usual!)
oh well...64.50 was a stone wall for awhile
OK one more time PUSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! LOL
weekly pivot @ 69.50
1 min avg 861.25
gm koolio
selling 864.25
man, good thing i slept in, cause a quick glance at the charts and i still have no idea where we're heading! very difficult to see'clean' projections so far!
Also find it strange we'd go all the way down to 829.50, but not to my original 15 min proj from yesterday of 825!
mid 70's should ceiling it (maybe)
have one for me, friend! c ya!