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ES 12-3-08

Daily PP: 837.50
S1: 824.50
R1: 862.25
Weekly PP: 858.50

POC: 834.25

Daily: 1128.50 / 732
60m: 874.75 / 824.50, 808
15m: 857.75 / 807.50, 805.75
5m: 825, 822.75, 816.25
and the charts I showed were of abc's...I just didnt understand ?
Yeah, i wish i had those fib extentions on my charts! its pretty much the same thing,(or concept any way)... pullimg a Britney Spears ..back in 10
kool just use your tool on platform
yes great job 27 pts amazing... I managed 10 good for me though
i will buy any close above 59
myptovu hang around after close and ill help you with your ?
looks like we chop for the rest of day but not likly those were the kind of days last year when daily atrs were 20
would you mind going over the fib tool with me also?
sure jack after close
good trading today everyone

VOwater: thanks for the charts and helpful explanations