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ES 12-3-08

Daily PP: 837.50
S1: 824.50
R1: 862.25
Weekly PP: 858.50

POC: 834.25

Daily: 1128.50 / 732
60m: 874.75 / 824.50, 808
15m: 857.75 / 807.50, 805.75
5m: 825, 822.75, 816.25
short 2@ 864.25.. flat on the day,2.5 stop
here here- should have slet in for sure
covering one
well guys there was a hell of selling opportunity up @ 64.25...I never noticed it
out one at 861.00 b.e. stop on the other and holding
i was thinking one more push to 867- that would be a sweet short
Still might be!/// well, have to some homework. i have today as apeak, but id be lying if i said this action didnt surprise me!
out 858.00 on the other, plus 3.25 on one and plus 6.25 there ...up 9.5 on the day
I covered with two points
good trading today everyone

VOwater: thanks for the charts and helpful explanations