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ES 12-3-08

Daily PP: 837.50
S1: 824.50
R1: 862.25
Weekly PP: 858.50

POC: 834.25

Daily: 1128.50 / 732
60m: 874.75 / 824.50, 808
15m: 857.75 / 807.50, 805.75
5m: 825, 822.75, 816.25
weve got a nice failed low double bottom down there...I was occupied and missed the whole leg up
price action 2min scooped 1.75 after that little pull back
would like to sell 39.75 200 bar five min but didn't get there
it feels like they want the 41 sq 9 which matches up with Bruce's HVA of 41-42. UVA 44.25
i am looking for 844 to short
if they can ditch the pp here I don't see why they wouldnt fill gap
new 5m gives all the way up to 57.75
bbrad your gonna get your chance here
44.75 is 100% extension from bottom
honestly did not take it follow thru on 5 min hammer was not there @10:20 so showed failure for move down aleast at this point
good trading today everyone

VOwater: thanks for the charts and helpful explanations