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ES 12-3-08

Daily PP: 837.50
S1: 824.50
R1: 862.25
Weekly PP: 858.50

POC: 834.25

Daily: 1128.50 / 732
60m: 874.75 / 824.50, 808
15m: 857.75 / 807.50, 805.75
5m: 825, 822.75, 816.25
VO same with me- I had one short and stayed in and scalped some shorts to reduce damage- but i am down huge still-
yeah palmer...but thats no hill for a climber like me!
5 min boll avg is 857.50
Originally posted by VOwater

i finally gave up on trade...wished I hadn't

ditto here VO. I got in too wide and deep short and then emotion prevails. I was concerned about a possible rising wedge.
im interested in longs with close over 57.50
short one from 857.25, 4 point stop
cancelled stop to stop at 858.75... actual proj ia 860.50 but i had my doubts and cycles said to sell
stopped at 8.75..loss of 1.5 ///selling 860.25(up 5 on the day)
we could be in big abc from top
or one from the 50.50 low cause we just retraced 61.8
good trading today everyone

VOwater: thanks for the charts and helpful explanations