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ES 12-15-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867
R1: 905
S1: 847.25

Monthly PP: 881
Weekly PP: 877.75
POC: 897.75

60m: 927.75 / 849
15m: 893.75 / 875.75
5m: 886.25 / 874.50

one little globex gap to fill @ 80.25

selling 867.00
F ME!!
covering one
yippee!! covered one at 865.50, plus 1.5 now down 10!!
just took my self out at break even on the other... watching
short from 65
heres why im so skittish.. on the 5 and 15 min charts there is a slight but definite positve divergence in my stochs and williams%R ...that bothers the heck out of me.
if they take it all the way to 857 ill be buying a boatload.
out another QUICK 2.25
look at all those topping tails on the 15m
see ya