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ES 12-15-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867
R1: 905
S1: 847.25

Monthly PP: 881
Weekly PP: 877.75
POC: 897.75

60m: 927.75 / 849
15m: 893.75 / 875.75
5m: 886.25 / 874.50

one little globex gap to fill @ 80.25

Did an early trin trade for 4 pts.
good job jack
what type of play was that JACK- Can you elaborate
looking for 70.50, then 66ish
Happy Monday morning, caught some of that VO. Good luck to everyone today.
atta girl margie
pls dont past post winning trades. What good does that do. I have yet to see someone past post a losing trade
daily pp = 67 , which fits well with 66ish, will be looking for buy signals at that area...also bruce has some volume numbers there
66 is 127.2% and 70.50 was 100% of abc
I didn't mean to affend anyone. Some people on this post have been teaching certain techniques and I am just showing my appreciation of it. Maybe draw attention to what they are doing. It works. I am not confident yet to post prior to trading. Again I apologixze if affending anyone. I will limit my comments if this is the case.
see ya