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ES 12-15-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867
R1: 905
S1: 847.25

Monthly PP: 881
Weekly PP: 877.75
POC: 897.75

60m: 927.75 / 849
15m: 893.75 / 875.75
5m: 886.25 / 874.50

one little globex gap to fill @ 80.25

5 min is projecting to your 860 level VO! ill likely cover one around there
Originally posted by koolblue

yeah, me!

flat be
dam, they got me again... stopped at 870.75 loss of 5.5 and down a whopping 11.5 now!
any close above 73.75 gets me bullish
I lost 2 tough day to figure.
VO looks like buyers are going to bang into your 87.6% retracement level at 871
Originally posted by VOwater

any close above 73.75 gets me bullish

Ditto, will add to my position.
un real!.. they jumped it over the 5 min avg at 870.10 just to get me at the high tick!...sigh...
i guess they'll take it to the 15 min avg at 875.50.. but ive been wrong all day,so....
see ya