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ES 12-16-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 873.75
R1: 891.50
S1: 854.75
POC: 868.25

60m: 903.50 / 848.50
15m: 903.50

overnight globex gap @ 874.25
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

bigs +43k now.

struggling at 200% now
trying again at 96.50 for the 92's..tight leash now
They hit Kool's 898.
stop limit short 895.00

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nice one again Bruce
Originally posted by myptofvu

stop limit short 895.00

out 891
got 92.75..89 and now .next target is 83.75 or will get stopped on runners
this should get to 85-86
Thanks for all the charts and goodies today folks........I enjoy it all but today I really enjoyed Prestwicks updates on what the "super powers" where up stuff