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ES 12-16-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 873.75
R1: 891.50
S1: 854.75
POC: 868.25

60m: 903.50 / 848.50
15m: 903.50

overnight globex gap @ 874.25
s 1 @ 12
I'm with you from 912.75 VO.....want the 902 retest if lucky....they know that 918.75 isn't that far away..
want 907.50 to pair off and tighten runners
flat 10
[email protected]

stopped at BE
i shoud not have moved my stop
next line in sand for me is 16.50
stop limit short 907.75

correction 907.50

stopped out -2
Originally posted by VOwater

i shoud not have moved my stop

I should have traded with the big money folks instead of fading
is this just a bull flag or the top?..they gotta get under 07.50 or else they'll try for those 18.75's
Thanks for all the charts and goodies today folks........I enjoy it all but today I really enjoyed Prestwicks updates on what the "super powers" where up stuff