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ES 12-19-08

GM traders

Daily PP: 892.50
R1: 911.50
S1: 873.50

POC: 901.75

60m: 924.50 / 814.75

Globex gap @ 84.25
if it can get thru the 1 min avg at 888.00 i might have a chance!
they're giving me too many chances to get out! that should mean they want to take it higher..LOL
1st higher high CLOSE was my entry

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ok here we go...
if read correctly time cycle ends 1:04ish
yeah, baby!!! changing my cover on both to 890.25 tho!
stop 85.50 1st 92.50, 94.25, 96.75
this should push here
the 'BOYZ' PROBABLY THOUGHT THEY GOT ME! after all any sane trader would have bailed! But not KOOL THE KING!!! ROFL!
im gonna s @ 889.25