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ES 12-19-08

GM traders

Daily PP: 892.50
R1: 911.50
S1: 873.50

POC: 901.75

60m: 924.50 / 814.75

Globex gap @ 84.25
87.00-88 SHOULD START PROVIDING SUPPORT(I HOPE)..cause thats where all the 5 and 1 min avgs are
we need close over 90 to get this started
Originally posted by VOwater

stop 85.50 1st 92.50, 94.25, 96.75

I am not getting those targets. When you have time..not while trading, could you show us a chart?
right hand side Margie

Click image for original size
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L @ 888
I redrew it starting at 884, now I get my problem, thx
that 89.50-75 has ben hit about 4 or 5 times already! thats a line waiting to be busted!
85.75 is pivot L and projections are from abc (white dotted lines)
S @ 89.5
closed @ 89.75 we need a 90 close