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ES 12-19-08

GM traders

Daily PP: 892.50
R1: 911.50
S1: 873.50

POC: 901.75

60m: 924.50 / 814.75

Globex gap @ 84.25
886.75 is a high volume zone.( also from yesterday) of the top 3 generated with todays volume..I have two runners I'm working....but working on a chart new lows
if 885.00 lets go to the downside, watch out !

880 is a potential.
Percy, i grew up in Adrian! just south of Jackson!
85 is absolutely the level that will break it
market is now stuck below the VAL ( 887.75 ) with huge risk for a meltdown below 885.00
Here is a close up of the two Volume zones I snapped from today..note the 91.25 to 93 spike...that is the second highest one of the day at this point in time..I'm just posting these as I think it's so cool when all are work comes together...I know you folks had some nice shorts up here too....My first short at 91 fail and I enetered again at 93...

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And yes I know my charts suck..but you can see the volume spikes
yes if the pierce fails at 885
below 82.25-85 singles there are more 73.5-74.5. Sq 9s 886 & 871.

flat @ 83.50